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Are Windows Today Stronger Than Windows From The 1920s?

May 7, 2018

Did you know that the glass we use for windows today was not invented until the late 1950s?

If you are renovating a historic home, it is likely the windows have been replaced at least once in the home’s lifetime. Bert Black Service Companies’ glass services work on residential and commercial windows. We provide local window repair, window installation, glass shower installation, we even do custom mirrors. Call a specialist at Bert Black today and see how we can help:

Windows have Improved.

In the 1920s steel casement windows became popular, yet still expensive. Over the years homes used a more affordable aluminum materials for windows. Aluminium windows were often bulky to match the strength of the steel casement windows buildings were designed for.

The materials used in window frames today have been improved over the years. Perhaps, by replacing the windows with a higher quality window, you will return the home to its original character.

Windows can be Seamlessly Replaced by the Glass Team at Bert Black.

Many historic homes have beautiful windows. Unfortunately, windows age. You might find that the glass in a window has broken or been chipped. You might also find weatherstripping deteriorating in the corners of the window. Perhaps you even notice the climate of your home suffering due to poorly insulated windows.

Windows can be replaced without compromising the original charm of your historic home. A specialist from Bert Black will install a new window that won’t look out of place and provide the home with all the luxuries of a good window.

Windows used to be Considered a Luxury.

There are even some accounts of wealthy medieval nobles removing the windows of their home and placing them in a secure location so they would still be there when they returned.

Your home probably isn’t medieval. But it may have been built during a time where builders used less materials to improve insulation or privacy. The materials might be poor quality. These windows can be restored to reflect the true character of the home had the original builder had today’s resources on hand.

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